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June 26, 2019

The ultimate in beauty are LED facials

If famous VIPs, travelers and connoisseurs of everything the beauty world offers such as Madonna, Carla Bruni, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba, confess that they are fans of this therapy, it is clear that this is a new 'must' of beauty that you have what to know

Emma Hollingdale, director of several aesthetic centers in Madrid and Seville, with a list of VIP clients that include Eugenia Silva, Cristina Pedroche, Carmen Lomana, Goya Toledo and Vicky Martín Berrocal, explains what is called the 'Photodynamic Therapy' , which develops LED light (whose acronym corresponds to Light Emitting Diode), and which uses specific wavelengths of low intensity. It was discovered and used by NASA to heal and quickly heal astronauts' wounds in space.

Of course, such a huge discovery could not leave the beauty industry indifferent, and Emma Hollingdale immediately incorporated it into different protocols for her cabin treatments. "Actually," Emma explains, "this is a relatively new technology, since it has been used in aesthetic equipment for a long time." And precisely to have shown its enormous effectiveness in the service of beauty has been giving more prominence.

The actress, model and businesswoman Jessica Alba published on her Instagram this image in which she is seen with her mask and device for the neck of the mask with LED lights

The most well-known benefits are to stimulate the production of collagen, reduce acne and mitigate inflammation and congestion of the skin. But starting from the idea that the skin is sensitive to light energy, it has many other performances. The LED light masks (low intensity light emitting diodes) emits energy in the form of light that stimulates the tissues.

One color for each need

Unlike pulsed light or IPL, the LED light is visible and does not produce any pain or heat. Depending on the light used, its uses are very varied.
Red: Stimulates and improves circulation. Increase collagen production
Green: Especially indicated to eliminate toxins, antibactericide and improves the epidermal defenses.
Blue: Soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
Indigo Blue: Accelerates healing, especially indicated in cases of acne.
Yellow: Reduces redness and irritation by stimulating lymphatic circulation.
Purple: Cleans and rejuvenates.

LED light treatments can not only be done in dermatological clinics and specialized aesthetic centers that know how to use these machines; This advanced technology can also be applied at home. In this case, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions at the bottom of the letters because, depending on the power of each device, the intensity and time required will be different; although it is recommended to use eye protection glasses if the treatment is carried out with a lamp, while those that appear in helmet or mask design do not need it.

In cabin: Rainbow Peel. This facial treatment induces the physiological stimulation of the skin and enhances facial rejuvenation acting against aging. It also helps to alleviate the ravages of the cold and prepares the face for the change of season.

The step by step consists of:

- 1. Make-up and clean the skin
- 2. Exfoliate with a suitable product for each type of skin
- 3. After removing the exfoliant, a specific disinfectant is applied to always preserve asepsis throughout the entire process.
- 4. After analyzing the skin to be treated, the most appropriate combination is decided to prepare a cocktail of vitamins based on DMAE, Growth Factor, Stem Cells, and Biorretinol.
- 5. Divide the face in rooms to work disinfecting always before and after passing the Microneedle with the color of the LED light according to the need of the skin, vertically, horizontally, and obliquely, in order to create the small channels in the skin to make the serums penetrate the area to be treated until the deepest layers of the skin.
- 6. Once the process has been carried out on the entire face and neck, we apply the FCE mask and a cold mask in order to close the pores and achieve the maximum penetration of the active product.
- 7. To finish, first apply the serum and truffle cream from Emma Hollingdale.
- Duration: 80 minutes
- Price: $100 - $300 session
- Where: closest aesthetic center

At home: As acne is one of the dermatological problems that leads to a large part of adolescents, and even a high percentage of people (men and women) of a certain age, and consequently the most complex aesthetic cause.
Biomask, a firm specialized in its treatment, has developed the latest generation of this type of devices that combat pimples and pimples based on light jets. The blue filter is anti-acne, while the pink filter is used for healing and red as a powerful antiaging.

Definitely, the exposure of the face to the LED lights, whether in the beauty institute or at home, is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional treatments and it is not on a whim, it has really proven its functionality.

You already know that you can carry out the treatment with the LED Mask in a center or in your own home. If you want to get a helmet or LED mask, you just have to visit Biomask where you will find yours at a great price. Surely you're looking forward to taking a 'celeb' style selfie to post on your networks. And the best part is that you will notice their actions on the state of your skin.